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2008年1月17日 星期四

A. Internet Resource List

(1) Listening:
1. CNN radio
CNN is the American wired television network (Cable News Network)
provides international, the entertainment and the sporting news. There are the rich documentary and the special edition, but when has arise suddenly the event occurs, CNN also meets immediately for the audience provides this event the most
recent news. There is also a channel on TV, Channel 6, in Taiwan. We can improve our listening by listening the On-line broadcasts.

2. ICRT radio
I often listen this radio when I drive the car to school. There are two DJ on this radio, they will talk about many funny things. This radio will play a lot of west music. We can study a clear pronunciation and mellow voice road place English by listening the pronunciation and the tune of the news anchor, and simultaneously grasps the news current event.

3. Book-pop:
This is a very cute website, there are many fairy tale story. Choose anyone book, we will see a book there when we read it we can click the listen, we will fill someone tell the story to us. And there are many cute pictures when we read it we will not fill boring. Isn’t it interesting? I think if we are fill English books which are too difficult to read. How about choose this website to read, and then you will fill English are much more funny.

4. English Listening Room
This website provides some English songs, we can listen these songs by using Real Player. When we listen a song, there will be lyrics we have to fill in. We not only can listen the great music but also can practice our hearing by filling in these lyrics.

5. The Moonlit Road:
If you love to listen to the clever story or folktales, may be you can choose this website. There is a storyteller will tell the story for you, it will be more a sense of reality.

(2) Reading:
1. CNN Stories:
We reads the news on-line, this website provides the listening and watching to help us read the news. There are some practices on the left side, but these practices are a little hard.

2. Kid's Corner:
This website provides many Fairy tale story, which we have heard in Chinese when we were children. This time we will read them in English. And in each story there are cute pictures there. On the bottom we also can click listening to listen.

3. Reader’s Digest:
There are many kinds of artic we can read from here. For example, health, food, and family etc..

4. English Class Online:
There are many class we can learn from here. For example, conversation, and reading etc..

There are many articles here. For example, electronics and gadgets and entertainment etc..

(3) Grammar:
1. Guide to Grammar and Writing:
This website teach us how to write every kinds of sentence pattern.

2. English Grammar Book:
This website teaches us how to use the Adj., Adv., etc.

3. Grammar & Writing:
This website is very cute. There are three section, they are Sentence Pattern, Theory and Practice, and Activity and exercise. After we learn the sentence pattern, we can give ourselves tests to know whether we have understood that or not.

4. Tracy’s Grammar:
This website looks like the teacher’s class textbook. It is very clear to see the construction of the sentences.

5. English chief apostle:
Many kinds of skills about how to use grammar.

(4) Speaking:
1. English Online Tutor:
We can talk to native English speakers by talking to online tutor to improve our speakimg.

2. My ET:
This is a website to speak online and it will give a score for you. And then you will know which part you have to pay attention.

3. Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab:
We can practice listening & speaking skills in English.

4. American English Pronunciation Practice:
There are many words sound very similar. Therefore using this website to practice our pronunciation to distinguish these words.

5. The English Professor:
This website is for someone who isn’t good for English, there are alphabet pronunciation practice, and recognize basic words etc. , every words we can listen again and again.

(5) Writing:
This website can improve our writing skills. At first we have to choose a topic and follow the instruction to fill in the key words and then it will be an article. After that we only have to modify the unusual words or patters, so that we will finish an English composition.

2. NCU English Learning Database:
This NC University’s learning website which teaches us how to write the correct article.

3. Webcoll-Gutenberg Edition
Web-based English Collocations Retrieval System
This website has a online dictionary, which for people who want to write something, but he doesn’t know which word he should use. And then he can use this system to help him, it is a very useful thing.

4. Guide to Grammar and Writing:
This website teach us how to write every kinds of sentence pattern.

5. Grammar & Writing:
This website is very cute. There are three section, they are Sentence Pattern, Theory and Practice, and Activity and exercise. After we learn the sentence pattern, we can give ourselves tests to know whether we have understood that or not.

B. Key pal: making friends online

B. Key pal: making friends online:
(i) His name is Shalabh.

(ii) I found his by going to the chat room from English baby.

(iii) Since 10/3 we became the online friend.

(iv) We communicate with each other about once a month.

(v) We told about our culture and custom, or our hobbies, both we love watching comedy movies. This is our favorite hobbies.

(vi) I feel that is a wonderful experience by making friends on the Internet, that is cool. I can know many kinds of cultures and what different between two countries. I think if I continue to chat in English, it will be good for improving my English.

C. Web-based Learning

C. Web-based Learning

(1) Listening:(i) Adult Learning Activities-California Distance Learning Project
(Dogs Help Children Become Better Readers)

(ii) 12/31
(iii) Vocabulary:
1. sniff: to smell something by taking air in through your nose
2. seizure: a very sudden attack of an illness involving unconsciousness or violent movement
3. Assistance Dogs: Dogs that help their owners are called "Assistance Dogs.
4. Therapy Dogs: These dogs are family pets with special training.
5. get around to: to do something after you have intended to do it for some time
6. paired up: to form a pair or make two people form a pair
7. intimidating: to frighten or threaten someone, usually in order to persuade them to do something that you want them to do

(2) Writing:
(i) Paragraphpunch: An interactive, entertaining process writing site
(Paragraph Punch Writing Prompts)

(ii) 1/1
(iii) 1: Reasons: use some question to talk to everyone why do you want to talk and what reason
2: Details: and based on our topic to give more informations
3: Example: use some example to let every can much more understand
4: Cause and Effects: we can write to everyone what did it cause or effects
5: Sequence: at last we can write what happen after that

(3) Concordancer:
(i) VLC: Web Concordancer Collocation Explorer
(ii) 1/1
(iii) This website is useful we can search some words or sentence by just typing an alphabet

(4) Pronounciation:
(i) Emily's Pronunciation Class
(ii) 1/2
(iv) This semester we have Phonetic class, and at the final exam we have to test the question the this website, it is useful it let me learn this part more earily.

(5) All Skills and Others:
(i) English Baby: Learn English! Meet Friends!
(ii) 12/5
(iii) It is a website that we can make friends from many countries, it is interesting, but there are less Europe or American people. But we also can know other cultures by chat on the Internet.

(6) ESP:
(i) ESL Cafe Web Guide: Business English
(ii) 12/23
(iv) This is a place if we have any problems, we can leave some messages on that and after some days there are many people will leave messages or send e-mail to you to talk to you how to handle that. I have left a message which is about how should I improve my English, and there are some people send me e-mail to talk to me I can hire a native tutor that is the best way to let me improve my English.

(7) Speaking:
(i) Conversation Questions for the ESL/EFL Classroom (Also useful for teacher)
(ii) 1/3
(iii) There are many questions about the conversation, I think they are very important for everyone because we usually don’t know what questions should we talk to others especially stranger. So the beginning of the conversation is very important.

(8) Vocabulary:
(i) Learning English - Vocabulary Exercises
(ii) 1/4
(iii) This website is very interesting because we can do exercise by playing some games. That will be very fun to learn by playing.

(9) Presentation Skill:
(i) 10 commandments of presentations
(ii) 1/5
(iii) 1. Tell a story.
2. Present only what the client needs to make a decision
3. Be flexible.
4. Never overestimate eyesight.
5. Don't tell what it is; show what it means.
6. Deliver; don't read.
7. Look and listen.
8. Act like a professional.
9. Be a person.
10. Plan ahead.

(10) Reading/Literature:
(i) On-Line Lessons - Reading Skills
(ii) 12/28
(iv) There are some exercise we can test our reading skills, I think this is a good exercise for us to exercise before the exam.

(iii)This website is really useful, there is English to English definitions. It is much faster than look into the Dictionary. And if we use the electronic dictionary the definitions are just Chinese ,so if we use this website we not only can become faster but also improve our English by looking such English to English Dictionary.

(12) Encyclopedia:
(i) Wikipedia
(iii)It is one of my favorite websites because we can find things about 95 percent things are connected with them.

2007年12月25日 星期二

For 淑芳老師


~Sue’s Travel Planning~

~Sue’s Travel Planning~

1. There are 29 countries in Oceania.
They are:
Australia, East Timor, Christmas Island, Fiji, Cocos (Keeling) Islands,New Caledonia,
New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Norfolk Island, Vanuatu

2. I has USD $ 2193 for this trip.

3A. Here is my travel plan-----A:

a. I will visit the capital city of 2 countries. (You have to visit at least three capital cities.)
(Australia~Canberra, New Zealand~Wellington)

b. Departure date of travel: 2008/01/19. Returning date: 2008/01/26

c. Itinerary: from Taipei to Australia to New Zealand .

d. * From Taipei to Australia(Canberra).
* Airlines: Garuda 9983 / 718 ,
price (one way): $1350

* I will stay in 5 days for 4 nights in Canberra.

* Who is the current president of this country? John Winston Howard

* What language (s) do they speak in this country? English

* Population: 324,800

* Sightseeing plan: I will see
CSIRO Discovery Centre, Royal Canberra, National Gallery of Australia, Cockington Green, National Dinosaur Museum, National Aquarium & Wildlife Park, Bywong Gold Mining Town

‧Places to eat:
Restaurant name: Portia's Place
Restaurant address: 11 Kennedy St (Kingston, Around Town) phone number: 02/6239 7970
Food : Cantonese, Malaysian, Peking
Price: Main courses A$9.80-A$19 (US$7.80-US$15)

* How is the Weather?
On average, the warmest month is February.
‧ The average coolest month is July.
‧ The most precipitation on average occurs in March.
 From which

website(s) did you find the above information. List their URLs:
 (Restaurant)
 (Weather)
 (Other Imformations)

3B. Here is my travel plan-----B:

* From Canberra to Wellington.

* Airlines: Qantas Airways 39 ,
price (one way): $323* I will stay in 3 days for 2 nights in Wellington.

* Who is the current president of this country? Helen Clark 

* What language (s) do they speak in this country? English

* Population: 363,000

* Sightseeing plan: I will see
Te Papa Museum, Carter National Observatory of New Zealand , Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, Matiu/Somes Island, Efil Doog Garden of Art, Island Bay Marine Education Centre, East Harbour Regional Park

 ‧Places to eat:
Restaurant name: Hummingbird
Restaurant address: 22 Courtenay Place (In Inner City)
Phone number: 04/801-6336
Food: Pacific Rim
Price: Main courses NZ$15-NZ$30 (US$10-US$21)

* How is the Weather?
‧The most precipitation on average occurs in July.

* From which website(s) did you find the above information. List their URLs:
 (Restaurant)
 (Weather)
 (Other Imformations)

3. Here is my travel plan

* From Wellington to Taipei.

* Airlines: Air New Zealand (Eva Airways Flight 1852 ) , price (one way): $906

* From which website(s) did you find the above information. List their URLs:

5. Total cost of my trip: $2596.8
My budget: $- 403.8

2007年10月27日 星期六


1. My brain doesn't work. 我搞不清楚.
2. What are you talking about? 你在說什麼東西?
3. He has problem understanding what you mean.. 他無法解理你在說什麼.
What do you mean? 或是 What do you mean by that?
4. I have no idea what that is. 我不知道那是什麼.
I have no idea what time it is, 這時就用 it is. 而不是 what time is it.
I have no idea 也可以說成 I have no clue. Clue 就是線索的意思
5. This is over my head. 這超出我所能理解的範圍.
6. Beats me. 考難我了.
7. Does that ring a bell? 有沒有幫你想起一些什麼啊?
8. I am lost. 我迷糊了.
除了 lost, 有一個國中的單字 confused 也很常用
Ex: The professor confused a lot of people today.
9. What's the point? 重點是什麼.
cut the crap (少說癈話)
10. I just don't get it. 我就是不了解.

1. 套餐 (combo)
2. 漢堡 (hamburger)
3. 薯條 (fries)
4. 飲料 (drinks)

1. He was so hard on me last night. 他昨晚對我很兇.
要安慰別人的話, 可以說 No hard feelings.
2. I have a hard time with my girlfriend. 我跟我女友關係非常不好.
Have a hard time with sb. 就是說和某個人的關係處的特別不好
3. You're getting on my nerves. 你惹毛我了.
You get on my nerve. 這句話的意思跟 jump on my back 差不多.
4. Get off my back, I didn't sleep last night. 不要再煩我了, 我昨晚沒睡耶!
5. Cut me some slack! Give me some slack! 放我一馬吧.
Slack 就是鬆懈的意思,這句話跟 Get off my back 是一模一樣的
6. Don't let your father down. 不要讓你的父親失望.
Down :1. 心情不好, 心情低落, 或是覺得很失望
Ex: Please don't let me down.
2.有沮喪的意思在內. 跟 blue (憂鬱) 這個字差不多,
Ex: Why are you feeling down?
或是 Why are you feeling blue?
7. I don't give a shit I don't give a damn. 不屑一顧
8. People have dirty looks on their faces. 人們的臉都很臭.
9. Tough luck, but shit happens. 真倒霉, 但還是發生了.
Tough luck 就是說運氣實在糟透了, 另外一個講法, 叫 rotten luck
10. I got the short end of the stick. 這實在是我所能遇到最糟的情況了.

1. Do you take money? 你們要收錢嗎?
2. You owe me three dollars. 你還要找我三塊錢.
3. Let's call it a wash. 剩下的不用給了! (不是很常用)
4. Pass the hat. 大家出錢吧.
put in (plug in) 這個動詞.
這個動詞就是每個人 "出多少錢" 的意思.
Ex:Everybody puts in 5 dollars. 就是每個人出五塊錢.
5. Let's chip in 20 dollars to buy him a present.
chip in 則是說每個人出一點錢,把這個錢拿去作一件事
6. Have you ever seen a silver dollar? 有沒有看過一元的硬幣?
一分錢叫 penny, 五分是 nickel, 一角是 dime, 二角五是 quarter
一元叫 silver dollar
7. How much is the cover? 入場費是多少錢?
或是, How much to get in?
8. I am broke. 我很窮.
I am poor 用得並不多
9. She just got a sugar dad. 她找到一個有錢的老男人
有錢的老男人被稱為 sugar dad.
有錢的老女人就叫 sugar mom.
10. Ching-Ching. 錢錢.

1. If you can't do better than that, go back to your room.
如果你不能表現的好一點的話, 你就回房去.
2. Behave. 規矩點.
3. You won't hurt my feelings if you don't like it.
如果妳不喜歡的話, 我也不會覺的太難過.
4. The house gives me the warm nest feeling.
5. Head up. 小心.
Head up 跟 Watch out 是很類似的, 都是提醒人當心的意思
6. Do you want to shoot in the pool? 要不要玩撞球啊?
pool table 指的是撞球桌
7. You can't find a person who doesn't know 'fig' in the United States.
8. I got an A in the bag. 我已經確定可以拿一個 A 了.
9. Don't let the door hit you on your way out. 小心你出門時不要讓門撞到你.
10. You can stick a fork in me. 我已經好了.

1. Who's up? 輪到誰了?
輪到他打擊了 "You're up."
2. Who are you after? 你在誰後面打擊?
"Who are you after?" 「你在誰後面?」
"Who's after you?" 「你後面是誰?」
3. Sorry, my bad. 很抱歉, 是我的錯.
4. Do you want to pitch that game? 你要主投這場比賽嗎?
5. Are you lefty? 你是左撇子嗎?
6.That was a hit. 那是一支安打.
7. It's me. 這個由我來接.
8. Run it out. 把它跑完.
9. Head up. 注意.
10. You are their tenth player. 你是他們的第十個球員 (內奸) 喔!

(7.)Taco Bell
1. Taco
2. Burrito
玉米皮 (Soft flour tortilla)
3. Nachos
4. Mexican Pizza
5. Taco Salad
6. For here or to go?
7. Do you have drinks goes with it?
8. Is that all?
anything else?
9. Here you go!
1. Are you kidding me? 你是在開玩笑嗎?
2. I am serious. 我是認真的.
3. Get out of here. 我不相信你所說的.
Get out. 原意是叫別人走開, 但可以引申成為我不相信你說的話.
Give me a break 跟 Get out of here 的意思差不多, 都是你覺得別人開玩笑開得太誇張了, 到了不可思議的地步
4. He likes to pull gags on me. 他喜歡跟我開玩笑.
play jokes on me 或是 pull gags on me 都是.
pulled a gag. 惡作劇.
5. Are you making fun of me? 你在嘲笑我嗎?
make fun of someone 是有點取笑或是嘲笑別人的意思, 這樣子是會傷到別人的, 和無傷大雅的 play jokes 是不太一樣的
6. He is a rascal. 他是個搗蛋鬼.
Rascal意思是流氓, 但它還有其它幾個意思,
1.指小孩很小但卻很壞, 這種小孩就是 rascal 或稱 brat.
2.指搗蛋鬼, 指那些很喜歡惡作劇的人, 這時 rascal= prankster
形容詞形容一個人很愛惡作劇 “mischievous”
7. You sneak. 你很聰明狡猾.
這裏不能說成 You are a sneak, You are a sneak. 這跟 You are a rat 的用法是不一樣的, 像 You are a rat 就不能講成 You rat.
Sneak 也可以用形容詞 sneaky, ex: I like you when you are sneaky.
8. It's hilarious. 真是太好笑了.
(另一個常用的單字是 ubiquitous 無所不在的)
9. It cracks me up. 把我給笑壞了.
誇大的講法, "I can't stop laughing." (我笑到無法停止) 或是 "We laugh our heads off." (我們把頭都給笑掉了.)
10. That's bitter. 真是惡毒啊!
"You are so mean." (你真是太壞了) 或是說 "That's a nasty joke." (真是一個卑鄙的笑話)

1. It's a surprise party. 這是一個驚喜派對
surprise party (注意不是 surprising party!)
2. That's a really eye-opening experience. 那真是一個另人大開眼界的經驗.
Eye-opening 指的就是另人大開眼界
an eye-opening experince 或是你可以用 open my eye
3. Who is going to organize the birthday party next time?
social coordinator "公關"
4. Got to give me one of these! 我也要一個像這樣的東西.
5. I bought a cake about this big! 我買了一個蛋糕大約有這麼大.
6. Pass me the clicker. 把遙控器拿給我.
7. Knock yourself out. 把這裏當作自己的家一樣.
8. I am turning 23 tomorrow. 我明天就二十三歲了.
9. She is in her birthday suit. 她什麼也沒穿.
10. You are a party pooter. 你真是掃興.

How are you doing 是最常用的, How are you 次之, Howdy 則是簡稱!
儘量不要用 Good bye, 或是 So long 這樣的用法, 在這裏相當少見.

2007年10月24日 星期三

Bao class - - - Take a Deep Breath

1. Take a Deep Breath 深呼吸; 憋氣
ex:If you get scared, take a deep breath and try to relax.

2. scissors (n.) 剪刀
ex:The scissors aren't sharp enough.

3. road hog ─ 沒有開車禮儀的駕駛人
ex:This guy in front of us keeps changing lanes and his speed. He is such a road hog. I don’t like driving behind him.

。Key Word:
1. hug (n.) 自私的
2. scenic (a.) 風景的
3. spectacular (a.) 壯麗的
4. farmland (n.) 農田
5. tailgate (v.) 緊跟著前車行駛